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UsersgarywiensDocumentsReachinBHM is the ministry organization of Gary and Marie Wiens. Gary and Marie live in Gig Harbor, Washington, having recently moved from Kansas City. Gary and Marie give themselves to prayer, to writing on themes of prayer, intimacy with God, and righteousness. In addition, Gary and Marie travel internationally, representing the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, and teaching on the topics of intimacy with God, the Bride of Christ, eschatology, and healing.

Gary and Marie, who were married in 2005, have six children and nine grandchildren between them. Marie's three sons and their families live in the Seattle area, so they are able to have close connections there. Gary's kids--a son, two daughters, two spouses, and three grandchildren--live in Minneapolis, and so contact is made often through video phone connections via the internet, and occasional visits.

"Our prayer is that through interacting with us and the materials that are available through this website, that you will grow in your intimate relationship with God the Father, and with His Son, Jesus. May the Holy Spirit lead you into all truth, and may you come to know the great freedom of experiencing the love of God." - Gary and Marie Wiens

Gary Wiens, 10/15/2008