Jesus, The Original Intercessor


The most significant intercession in history is the work Jesus accomplished on the cross of Calvary. The only adequate ransom to purchase the Bride back from sin’s captivation was a perfectly obedient Man—since in God’s economy only a flawless Intercessor could “stand in the gap” on behalf of the guilty.


Because of God’s great goodness, His own Son became a human being, forever joining humanity with the true divine nature. Jesus walked out a life of perfect human obedience to the will of God and took His place on the cross, that the judgments of God might be poured out where they belonged—on the ultimate Intercessor. God provided Himself as the required sacrifice, the Lamb. In doing so, through Jesus He restored to the human race the position of righteousness that a relationship with God requires, and with it, all the promises and intentions that were in His heart from the beginning. The intercession was complete.


The stunning thing about this historical occurrence is that God had made provision for it before He ever began the process of creating. Before creation was established, God the Father and God the Son instituted an eternal agreement that God Himself, in the Person of Jesus Christ, would become the one true Man who would stand as Intercessor between the Father and the human race.


Revelation 13:8 informs us that the Lamb was “slain from the foundation of the world,” establishing our redemption before the first sin was ever committed! From eternity past He stood in our place, the true Adam, perfectly agreeing with the Father’s will where the earthly Adam did not, and taking upon Himself the just and right judgment of death for the sin of all humans. From eternity, long before the incarnation, He was pouring Himself out that we might live through His life—the ultimate picture of intercession.


Jesus’ Continuing Intercession


In His bodily resurrection, Jesus, the eternal Bridegroom, released to us the power to become the children of God, and now lives in the presence of the Father to sustain us in that relationship by His constant intercession. Through the power of Christ’s resurrection, we stand even now in that place of intimate authority, anticipating the full realization of our identity as the Bride, which is the corporate identity of all who accept His invitation to the ultimate wedding feast at the end of the ages.


Even as the wrath of God was poured out upon the perfect Intercessor, so the pleasure of God is now poured out on the Bridegroom, and righteousness is imputed to His yet imperfect Bride. He is gathering to Himself all who will respond, so that when the time comes, a holy and blameless Bride might be called forward to reign with Him. The need of this hour in history is for the people of God, those called to become His Bride, to take their place as Jesus' partners in intercession, to bring about His purposes on the earth.

You will be blessed as you align yourself with His purpose.

Gary Wiens


Gary Wiens, 10/9/2011