The Message of the Forerunner
  Forerunner messengers proclaim Jesus as Bridegroom, King, and Judge and declare what the Scriptures say about the unique dynamics related to God’s end-time storyline that are inherent in the preaching the gospel of the kingdom (Mt. 24:14). Forerunners messengers prepare people spiritually by preaching the power of salvation and helping them understand the unique dynamics—positive and negative—that will occur in the generation the Lord returns. God’s people must be prepared spiritually so they will not be overcome with fear, deceived by the enemy, seduced by the culture, paralyzed by confusion or offended at the Lord’s judgments but instead they are to be filled with peace, gratitude, faith, confidence, clarity and holy love.

 The gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all nations before Jesus returns (Mt. 24:14). The kingdom message has a personal application as individuals freely receive salvation, and a global, cosmic application as all the nations receive Jesus as their King when He returns. Forerunner messengers declare the gospel of the kingdom, calling people to be saved and to understand what the Scriptures say about the unique global dynamics related to Jesus bringing in a harvest of souls and raising up a victorious Church, while confronting the wicked kings of the nations in the generation in which He returns.
Mike Bickle, Director
International House of Prayer Kansas City

Gary Wiens, 1/1/2015 1