Consider Him Who Endured Such Things

I’m a Seattle Seahawks fan, and this morning I’m considering the unjust treatment of one of the Seahawks best players, Michael Bennett, who was wrongly treated, and who is bringing this example of injustice to light. 

In a time when injustice seems to be rampant at many levels – personal, corporate, national and international – it is good to be reminded that there is One – and only One – who was absolutely innocent and yet was the recipient of absolutely unjust prosecution and punishment. That One is Jesus of Nazareth, who although He was without sin or flaw of any kind, stood willingly in the place of the condemned instead of us.

We are instructed in the Bible (Hebrews 12:3) to consider Him, this One who suffered and endured such things at the hands of wicked men, so that in our struggles for justice we will not grow weary or lose heart. We’re told, also in the Bible (1 Peter 2:23) that when Jesus was treated in that way, He continually entrusted Himself to the One (His Father, God) who judges justly.

There is coming a day when justice will prevail. It won’t come by human struggle, although it is good to struggle for justice. It won’t come through civil disobedience, for although laws may change, only God can change the human heart. Justice will prevail because that same One, Jesus of Nazareth, is returning to the earth as the triumphant King of kings, and He will set all things right, in true alignment with His Father’s design and purpose. This will be true justice, and it will be established in all the earth. Jesus will not rest until this is fully accomplished (see Isaiah 42:1-4).

Until then, when we have worked for justice at every level to the best of our ability, sometimes we just have to stand there and wait, and trust, that Jesus will prevail, and that true justice will come. He Himself stood in that place, waiting and trusting, and was vindicated by His own resurrection from the dead. That One – Jesus – will set everything right, every situation will be known as it really is, and the best news of all is that He is coming soon.

Gary Wiens, 9/6/2017 1