Human Hypocrisy and the Hunger for Righteousness

    It is an interesting thing to observe all the partisan proclamations and denials coming from all sides of the political spectrum these days. Who is fit to govern, why or why not should this or that person be in a place of power and influence, who lied when and to whom … the tumult increases in volume daily. Hypocrisy and inconsistency on all sides make up the order of the day.

    At the root of all of it, burning in the deep places of the human soul, is a hunger for righteousness, the innate sense that we ought to be governed by someone who is righteous, fair, without prejudice, perfectly wise, and yes, even loving in their dealings with the people who look to them for leadership. There ought to be prosperity and equity in material matters, freedom to pursue fulfillment in life within reasonable boundaries, protection from enemies, yet grace toward those in need, and even toward those who disagree with our points of view. 

    All of these things – and many more – are legitimate desires within the souls of normal folks, and yet, we as followers of Jesus continue to make a fundamental mistake in our search for worthy leaders. We continue to set our sights far too low, hoping that some elected individual or group with the right platform is going to provide the solutions needed in our society for the general well-being of all.

    The foment, confusion, and even hatred that is vented in the press, on social networks, and in the media all too often draws us into the fray at an entirely ineffective level, and as we get caught up in the swirl of opinions, we lose our perspective on the real issue: what we are looking for is the rule and reign of Jesus as the only one worthy to be trusted with all authority, power, and might.

    Instead of arguing with one another over which party or which individual has what it takes, we must get settled in this reality: there is only One found worthy. Our energies must be re-focused on the real battle, the one waged in worship and intercession for the return of the King. 

    If we continue to give first priority to the political and social issues facing our nation and world, and continue to take sides in the partisan struggle of who is right and who is wrong and who is crazy and who is sane, we will miss the main point. The reality of the struggle is before us in order to draw our gaze to a higher and better Kingdom, and to draw our hearts to long for a greater King. 

    There is only One King worthy of our attention and affection. He is Jesus, and He is waiting to hear the voice of His people inviting Him to return home and release His righteous Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. This is not fairy tale – it is our only real hope.

Gary Wiens

Gary Wiens, 1/16/2018