I'm meditating during this season on the power of the blood of Jesus, which is the ultimate "bail-out package" of all time. Every one of us was overwhelmed by the worst virus of all - sin. We were lost, sick, disqualified, banned from the life of God by our own choices, needing much more than any $2 trillion aid legislation could purchase - BUT GOD did it for us! 

Even as the blood of Abel cried out from the ground, and even as the blood of the innocents screams out for justice in our day, the blood of Jesus has a better word - justice has been served, mercy has been released, the door to the Father's Presence has been opened, and we are welcomed in! 

All that is necessary is that we agree with Him that we need what He has provided. The power of Jesus' blood covers it all - our rebellion and sin, our sickness, our loss of identity and destiny - all is restored by the power of Jesus' blood!

Drink deeply of this everlasting fountain today. As you wait for His intervention in this temporary circumstance, celebrate the sacrament of communion and appropriate the power of Jesus' body broken for you, and of His blood shed for you, and give thanks. Let your mind be renewed, your soul restored, and your body healed by the power of His blood. It is enough.

Gary Wiens, 3/29/2020