Loyal Rue, in an address to the American Academy of Sciences, gave a remarkable address where he explains how nihilism and relativism is the overwhelming lesson of the past two centuries. But then he says, How are we to react to this? 

He said there's either the madhouse option or the totalitarian option. The madhouse option is everybody just creates his own values and meaning which results in social chaos and incoherence. The totalitarian option is for the state to impose social coherence by power and by fiat which robs people of their own personal integrity and autonomy. 

And Rue says if we're to avoid these two extremes (the madhouse option, the totalitarian option) he says we have no choice but to adopt some Noble Lie that will trick us into believing that life really does have meaning, value, and purpose even though it does not, and so we must live in self-deception on this atheistic view. And Rue says without these sorts of lies we cannot live.

Fortunately, we as Believers in God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, have another option. Our option is the Joel 2 response to the crises of our day - focused repentance with fasting and prayer, turning our hearts away from political "solutions" that will not provide the results we desire, and turning toward the only hope we have - the Kingdom of God established through the reign and rule of Jesus Christ.

The result of a focused turning toward God and the longing for the Desire of All Nations to reveal Himself will be the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the midst of the cultural chaos inspired by the spirit of the Antichrist. 

The dark night of Isaiah 60 is upon us, and there is only one hope - the Light of Jesus Christ shining brightly upon and among and through His people. Let us turn our hearts to Him alone, and let the knowledge of His glory fill the earth as the waters cover the sea.

Gary Wiens

Gary Wiens, 7/7/2020