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Teaching CDs > Hunger For Righteousness

Hunger For Righteousness

Gary and Marie Wiens
(CD) Product code: bhmcdHFR
Price now: $5.00
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Gary and Marie Wiens bring the call to righteousness that is the foundation for the release of the power of God's Kingdom on the earth.

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This powerful new teaching summarizes the ministry of the New Testament priesthood founded in its Old Testament prophetic reality. This teaching will challenge and encourage you to walk in your inheritance in Christ.

Reaching Your Power Potential by Gary and Marie Wiens
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"Reaching Your Power Potential: Authority on Earth as it is in Heaven" takes the reader on a journey through the Beatitudes into the righteousness that will release the power of the Kingdom of God on the earth.

Bound in the Bundle of the Living by Gary Wiens
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As the Forerunner of a new race of people, Jesus Christ has taken us into Himself, carrying us into righteousness. Here this fascinating teaching on the implications of being bound in the bundle of His life.

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