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Called, Kept, and Given
I’m meditating this morning on Isaiah 42:6-7, where the LORD makes this declaration over His Servant (the Messiah – and by implication, all those who are His followers by the power of the Holy Spirit): More ...
Gary Wiens
Faith and the Renewal of the Mind
In the midst of the increasing turmoil of our times, I find that it is more and more necessary to exercise faith in God, in His purposes and in His ways, just to remain upright in the face of the storms of daily life. More ...
Gary Wiens
Consider Him Who Endured Such Things
I’m a Seattle Seahawks fan, and this morning I’m considering the unjust treatment of one of the Seahawks best players, Michael Bennett, who was wrongly treated, and who is bringing this example of injustice to light. More ...
Gary Wiens
Unity BEFORE Catastrophe
What If The Church Was In Unity BEFORE The Catastrophe? As I shared in a previous post, the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me – and to many others – about the central importance of brothers dwelling in unity. Our Father’s desire is to bring the Kingd More ...
Gary Wiens
The Mind of God: Unity unto Reformation
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The Pavilion Worship Gathering July 29
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Desperation and Faith
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She Did What She Could
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The Relationship of God's Beauty and Laws
Agreeing with the Accuser
Longing for his presence 
Reflections on Thanksgiving the day after 
Wrestling with God about Serious Things
A Biblical Plumbline for National Leadership 
Mike Bickle's Meeting with Pope Francis
The Message of the Forerunner
Prophesying to the Winds
Dark Nights and God's Ways
Encountering God In Bible Stories
The Glorious Bridegroom, Part 1
The Challenging Leader Part 2
The Challenging Leader
Jesus, The Passionate Suitor Part 2
Jesus, The Passionate Suitor
Prophetic Pictures of the Bridegroom God
Discovering Jesus, The Bridegroom God
The Story of Hosea and Gomer
The Story of Isaac and Rebekah
The Joining of Adam and Eve
A New Way Of Seeing
Partners In Intercession
Jesus, The Original Intercessor
Prayer: The Great Romance
Prayer To Increase Our Boundaries
Prayer As A Tool For Change
Mistaken Ideas About Prayer
Baptism: A Predictable Power Encounter
Why We Pray
Building The House Of Prayer
Warning: Is God's Favor Being Removed?
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Deeper In Prayer: The Need For Intimacy And Urgency