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The Transcendent Longing for Goodness and Justice
Perhaps you can picture the scene as it plays out. It can be among the children at the playground, or as we are experiencing as I write this, among the athletes at the Olympic Games. Whatever the level of skill, the participants are engaged in some sort o More ...
Gary Wiens
The Transcendent Longing for Love, Part 2
In considering these “transcendent longings” of the human soul, I am driven again and again to this concept that comes out of the mind of CS Lewis. It goes something like this: More ...
Gary Wiens
The Transcendent God for the Transcendent Longing of the Soul Part 3 - The Longing for Love
Of all the longings of the human soul, the desire for perfect love is perhaps the most powerful. To be loved – unconditionally, perfectly, without fail or question – is the yearning that simmers deep in the human heart, and drives virtually everything we More ...
Gary Wiens
The Transcendent God for the Transcendent Longing of the Soul Part 2 - The Longing for Truth
Most of us have had the experience of a conversation with a young child in which the question “Why?” comes from their lips. Perhaps you tried to give an answer, and then your answer was met by another “Why?” So, you answered again, only to hear another “W More ...
Gary Wiens
The Transcendent God for the Transcendent Longing of the Soul
Human Hypocrisy and the Hunger for Righteousness
The God Of No Pleasure
The Gig Harbor Christmas Nativity Story
The Best Christmas Gift Ever
Called, Kept, and Given
Faith and the Renewal of the Mind
Consider Him Who Endured Such Things
Unity BEFORE Catastrophe
The Mind of God: Unity unto Reformation
Pressing Past the Lord's NO!
The Pavilion Worship Gathering July 29
Understanding Times and Seasons
It's Time To Praise The Lord
Deferring to the King of Glory
Jesus' Gift to the Church
Still Waiting On God?
Enlisting the Help of Angels
Stones and Bread - What to do While Waiting for God
Loving Justice and Righteousness
It Takes Light To See Light
Gaining Access to the Presence of God
I believed, therefore I spoke
The Pavilion Gig Harbor - Why We Worship
Breaking Down To Build Up
God Possibilities
The Desire for Self-Justification
Desperation and Faith
The Boldness of Standing in the Truth
She Did What She Could
Making First Things First
A Template for a Miraculous Lifestyle
Living in the Flow of the Holy Spirit
The Relationship of God's Beauty and Laws
Agreeing with the Accuser
Longing for his presence 
Reflections on Thanksgiving the day after 
Wrestling with God about Serious Things
A Biblical Plumbline for National Leadership 
Mike Bickle's Meeting with Pope Francis
The Message of the Forerunner
Prophesying to the Winds
Dark Nights and God's Ways
Encountering God In Bible Stories
The Glorious Bridegroom, Part 1
The Challenging Leader Part 2
The Challenging Leader
Jesus, The Passionate Suitor Part 2
Jesus, The Passionate Suitor
Prophetic Pictures of the Bridegroom God
Discovering Jesus, The Bridegroom God
The Story of Hosea and Gomer
The Story of Isaac and Rebekah
The Joining of Adam and Eve
A New Way Of Seeing
Partners In Intercession
Jesus, The Original Intercessor
Prayer: The Great Romance
Prayer To Increase Our Boundaries
Prayer As A Tool For Change
Mistaken Ideas About Prayer
Baptism: A Predictable Power Encounter
Why We Pray
Building The House Of Prayer
Warning: Is God's Favor Being Removed?
Welcome to Burning Heart Ministries
Living Today With An Eye To Eternity
Deeper In Prayer: The Need For Intimacy And Urgency